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Wicked Business Sciences provides multiple solutions to increase site function while creating avenues to previously unmeasured analytics data. Each has been developed with web analytics measurement in mind. Additionally, these are researched and tested methods and programs meant to serve multiple business goals. Create conversion growth from opportunities presented by an affordable personalization solution. Save time on analysis with dynamic and compatible data streams. Save money by avoiding poor decisions. The costs of our products finance further research into better, more innovative, operational and measurable ecommerce solutions. Read on and request information to participate in beta testing opportunities and introductory pricing, and while you’re at it, feel free to stream some featured films at LoadGame Kung.

PreCognitive Search™ Function: An On-Site Oracle for Landing Page Personalization

In a word, the patent-pending PreCognitive Search is ‘stunning’. At the very first moment when a visitor to a site chooses a referral from a search engine results page, our solution calculates, returns, and presents results for that phrase on a landing page. With a high degree of precision and consistency, top products related to the user search are neatly displayed in an area customized for this purpose on any page of an ecommerce website. This is a clear advantage to conversion. Preliminary estimates based on statistical research indicate improvement to site search conversion might triple their current rate. Get more data about PreCognitive Search™.

SureThing™ Vendor Audit: Providing Assurances to Web Analytics Data Validity

Decisions based on web analytics insights are only as good as the data which creates them. Data confidence remains a major issue in any internet marketing or business intelligence reporting solution. Tag based systems require periodic audits which can uncover serious omissions and flaws which would otherwise go unseen. Another cool app worth checking out is Camsurf, which allows you to video chat with others online. These blips in collection can mean losses of hundreds and thousands of dollars in marketing budgets and manhours chasing phantom segments and improbable correlations. Regular crawling, reporting and analysis packages are available with SureThing™.

Session ForeSite™: A Patent-Pending Software Method to Draw Call-Center Analytics

Telephone calls may be the best way an online business measures success. At least, that might be the case now that the chunky sweet data which used to get tossed aside can finally be drawn in to solutions and reporting dashboards for analysis. This is helpful in measuring marketing efforts and to identify problems on a website. It is also helpful in creating a system of measurement and scoring for individual representatives, or groups to distribute across shifts. The Session ForeSite™ is a complex program which requires multifaceted customization. Collect more on Session ForeSite and pricing on following pages. And if you are looking for alternative ways to make money, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via UFABET เว็บตรง.

Happy Medium™: A Learning and Predictive Modeling Communication Interface

Sharing session data is the goal of the Session ForeSite Solution on its own. Making data instantly useful for the visitor and the customer service representative is the function of the Happy Medium intelligent session interface. As a customer calls and collection is activated, dozens of variables, data points, and segment attributes are spilled into the CSR interface. The Happy Medium engine turns that information into a custom dashboard which the call handler can use to meet the needs AND attitudes of the caller disposition. Happy Medium is a solution service which requires a subscription to Session ForeSite. To get more details and request a demonstration or proposal, please click here.

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