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Value proposition

Value Proposition

To increase competitiveness in today’s business climate, a company needs to leverage technology toward a specific business goal. In manufacturing, that goal is mass customization.

If a company can use technology to combine the unique customer experiences inherent to customized products with the efficiencies of mass production, it will have achieved mass customization – a winning business strategy. Mass customization produces both qualitative and quantitative business benefits. Competitiveness is no longer price-dependent, but is now centered on providing the customer with a valuable experience. Mass customization creates that unique customer value. “Through 2004, product configuration deployments will provide sales organizations with at least a 2 percent increase in win rates and order size, resulting in a 5.4 percent increase in revenue (0.8 probability).” Gartner “Product Configurators Enhance Revenue and Reduce Costs,” R. de Sisto, June 2001.

With ACCESS COMMERCE solutions, companies will Reduce sales cycles by making complex selling simple across all sales channels ACCESS COMMERCE solutions help by: Extending and developing markets without disrupting established commerce Making targeted product information available to all sales & marketing forces Reducing sales costs Increasing product sales by offering customizable products Increasing profitability by increasing customer loyalty Research has shown that 80% of sales are made to 20% of customers, and these 20% often generate more than 80% of profits. 30-50% of sales costs and customer service costs are wasted in efforts to acquire, develop, and keep these very customers. And customer loyalty is related to how satisfied these customers are. To have the best CRM, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via cebofil.org.

ACCESS COMMERCE Solutions help by: Promoting the value of accessibility to the customer Offering customization capability Improving customer satisfaction Earning greater customer loyalty Building solid and durable customer relationships Enhancing product line value by minimizing time-to-market ACCESS COMMERCE Solutions help by: Developing made-to-order product sand services while improving margins Increasing the average total of a sale by providing a solution rather than a product Reducing time-to-market on new offers through rapid, reliable solutions design using the modeling tool for configuration and financial evaluation Energizing sales channels In a global economy there are plenty of channels to get your products to market. But sometimes they don’t work smoothly together. With multiple channels, you need to coordinate. Simplify. And above all, ensure consistency across the entire spectrum – no matter who delivers the products or the information.

ACCESS COMMERCE Solutions help by: Strengthening distribution networks by giving distributors tools and technologies to help them sell standard and customized products Developing electronic commerce, allowing companies to differentiate from traditional commerce in the way that products and services are sold and configured Moving to multiple sales channels, for example, selling with or without a middleman, stationary and mobile sales forces, direct sales, and e-channels Providing rapid ROI Most companies would like to improve operating margins and stay competitive. So they are constantly making efforts to reduce structural costs and improve productivity. As a result, every project is subject to a profitability study and a return-on-investment analysis.

ACCESS COMMERCE Solutions help achieve rapid ROI by: Reducing operating costs, including intermediary processing costs between front and back office operations, and the cost of repetitive tasks, for example, multiple data entry Automating and increasing the reliability of quotes and orders Limiting the burdensome cost of acquiring new customers by increasing customer retention and customer loyalty Increasing margins through high added-value customized product offerings Reducing the cost associated with quality problems, i.e., products not compliant with orders (returns processing and customer complaints), and errors in quote calculations Reducing inventory through configuration and production to order “The total hard savings from the product configurator is a reduction between 50 percent and 70 percent in rework expense for enterprises with a 25 percent or greater order error rate.” Gartner “Product Configurators Enhance Revenue and Reduce Costs,” R. de Sisto, June 2001.

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