Retail Mannequins: A Look

Mannequins can be described as a type of store fixture that is made up of padded or textile fabrics to hold accessories or garments. Mannequin usually refers to an extremely well flexed doll used primarily by designers, tailors, window dressers and so on, especially to display or fit clothes. The English term Mannequin is used to refer to human figurines or puppets. However, it has seen a lot of change in recent years and is now more flexible due to the evolution of mannequins within the business sector.


In the early days, mannequins were wooden or plastic constructions that standing still with their back straight up, representing a perfect model of a human body. But with the advent of different kinds of mannequins, especially those that have the ability to change into a number of different clothing options, we can see a totally different scenario with mannequins. Mannequins are no longer limited to clothing or toy stores. They are now part of every retail establishment that sells various merchandise. We still have to wonder who thought of making mannequins.

A mannequin is a doll that has been created solely for the purpose to merchandize clothing items. This includes shoes and clothes, as well as cosmetics, toys, and accessories. Mannequins have become a popular visual merchandising medium in retail shops. They are highly visible and effective in creating brand recall and establishing a brand name among customers. These mannequins look so much like real people. Mannequins are useful in many ways. They can be used to convince customers to buy something.

When it comes to mannequins used in advertising, the common use for them is to display clothes, accessories or cosmetics. Since the beginning of the millennium, mannequins began to adapt their fashion wear to changing consumer tastes. Thus, the abstract mannequin was born. Abstract mannequins, unlike the mannequins found in retail stores, are more stylized. They have their arms, legs, and hands fleshed out.

The most common use of abstract mannequins are in fashion shows, such as fashion weeks and haute couture. As time passed, mannequins that could be used on the real world began to appear in many places, including supermarkets and department stores. This is because since mannequins are more stylized than the regular ones, it became easier to sell these things to customers, especially if the mannequin was wearing a wide variety of clothing.

But the use of mannequins in retail stores has had its fair share of critics, especially those who don’t like the idea of utilizing mannequins in promoting products. Some say that using mannequins in retail stores is a form of spamming, since a lot of people are not informed about the origin of mannequins. Some others believe that mannequins can be used to sell more products if they are properly used. Regardless of what critics may think, mannequins will continue to play an important role within the retail industry.