Pricing Software Management and accurate application of pricing strategies and promotional campaigns across all sales channels

Cameleon ePricer is pricing software that automates the calculation of pricing logic from the simplest to the most complex. With Cameleon pricing software, price rules, adjustments and optimization are instantly applied to ensure the right price every time.

Cameleon ePricer

easily integrates with existing enterprise systems and Internet sales platforms to execute pricing strategies across all sales channels.

Primary Benefits

Achieve consistent pricing across all customer touch-points and sales channels

Instantly communicate pricing updates and changes to the field

Enforce pricing rules and ensure compliance with customer contracts

Optimize application of promotions and best pricing strategies

Improve profitability as a result of reduced expenses associated with settling post-invoice price adjustment claims

Key Features

Calculate discounts, promotions and complex pricing scenarios

Segment pricing based on customer, sales channel, product and order attributes

Apply customer-specific contract terms automatically and accurately

Enable all types of promotions, including discounts, complimentary products, coupons and loyalty points

Manage promotional campaign and pricing effectivity dates

Price adjustments by single product, product bundles, or global order amounts

Filter, group, aggregate, prioritize and execute pricing logic

Instantly deploy pricing strategies across multiple sales channels

Detailed Features

Pricing Adjustments Price adjustments can be expressed as a percentage, a fixed value or a formula, and utilize a unique adjustment scope, applicable to a single product, product bundle, or a global order. Adjustments can include increment and factor replacement, common spreadsheet formulas, an advanced macro-language and price grid logic. Individual price adjustments can be modeled through a decision-making tree in which branches express conditions on various product characteristics and leaves determine the results of the adjustment in one of four possible types: a discount, a price, a quantity or additional product.

Customer Specific Pricing Unique pricing by customer can be captured, managed and applied through all or selected sales channels. A range of customized pricing options, including specific customer pricelists, negotiated discounts and volume pricing can be implemented.

Promotional Campaigns Schedule and execute promotional campaigns based on any combination of price adjustments. Promotions can include discounts, offered goods such as buy one get one free or cross selling such as receive X with the purchase of Y for an additional $100. Promote and apply on-line discount codes or coupons. Distribute loyalty points to reward specific customer behavior.

Channel and Geographic Segmentation Business organization diagrams define the segmentation of customers, markets, and sales channels to which pricing adjustments can be applied. Information profiles with adjustable parameters provide a structure that is completely open and upgradeable, so that the scope of application of discounts and promotions can be precisely targeted.

Seamless Interoperability, Integration and Load Balancing Cameleon ePricer blends seamlessly into existing information architectures and systems. Communication is managed via XML messaging and the engines can be called through web services or directly through Java or C++ APIs. Cameleon ePricer adheres to a multi-tier J2EE architecture, ensuring reliable data access, supporting a secured high volume of simultaneous connections and optimum management of traffic surges.

Pricing Strategies Pricing strategies define time conditions (effective dates) on the application of adjustments effective on all or parts of the business organization diagram. These conditions can be either a simple date or a time period in combination with a frequency, making it possible to activate a promotion over several weeks but to reduce it on Friday and Saturday, or to only offer it at a specific time of day. The pricing strategy also manages rules for conflict resolution when several adjustments are active at the same time. Conflicts are governed by exclusion, precedence and aggregation logic that work together to optimize pricing. Set options to calculate the best available price, limit the scope of multiple discounts, always apply customer specific pricing regardless of other options that may apply or to disable activation of promotion B throughout the application time of promotion A. Using the built-in control panel, promotional campaigns can be easily mapped out for all sales channels to ensure application of the best marketing practices.

Sophisticated Calculation Engines The heart of Cameleon ePricer is a set of advanced pricing engines that implement sophisticated pricing strategies. Powerful algorithms are processed for resolution of a multi-entry decision-making tree at the core of the sales process. These algorithms determine which promotions are potentially active for each catalog consultation or sale context. The promotions are then filtered, evaluated and aggregated via an aggregation matrix, then transmitted via an XML result flow. Cameleon ePricer handles instantaneous calculation of discounts and promotions, thereby eliminating all errors tied to price calculations.

Native Integration with Cameleon eCatalog and Cameleon eConfigurator Cameleon eCatalog is a robust electronic catalog that provides intuitive navigation, advanced search and guided selling to power today’s advanced sales processes. Integration with Cameleon ePricer provides automatic display of discounts and promotions throughout the pages of the catalog. Cameleon eConfigurator is a powerful product configurator capable of meeting the widest range of complex selling needs. Integration with Cameleon ePricer provides dynamic calculation of pricing logic based on the options selected. Out-of-the-box integration between these Cameleon offerings provides a consistent user experience that can be rapidly deployed across the entire spectrum of products and sales channels.

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