Is There a Difference Between Sex Dolls and Sex Robots?

Sex dolls have come a long way since they were first introduced to the adult entertainment scene decades ago. Many adult toy makers followed and soon the “sex doll” was born. These days, some adult toy companies actually promote their line of sex toys as they were real dolls. Yes, they are. They are not.

Sex dolls may be used for more than mere titillation. There is a strong libido driving sexual desires. A sexual doll gives the complete sexual experience: all of the feelings of desire, all the physical pleasure and the gratification of sexual activity in one simple act. With a real doll there’s always the question of how much of the partner desires she can make a reality.

It’s the desire of one individual to have multiple partners that causes most sexual issues. It is the single man who must navigate the dating landscape day in and day out. Many times he must choose between having casual sex with a human partner and sleeping with an artificially intelligent sex doll. Is it any wonder that some single men find romance with a robot? Why would a single man desire the robotic sex doll as opposed to a real live girl?

Some might argue that because the sex dolls look real, this sort of sexual gratification is acceptable. Though some people can get some appeal in robots, the objectification of those robots does not equal perversion. And that is a fine point. Sexual objectification, even when it is tasteful and not meant to cause offense, may lead to a degradation of the human body. While there is a place for objectification from the area of pornography, there’s a much bigger scale at stake here, and that scale is the quality of human life.

In actuality, the quality of human life rests upon the quality of sex. Artificial intelligence and sexual interaction with humans do not necessarily degrade us to the purpose of having sex dolls. And given that the robots being created are able to simulate multiple human emotions and behave in numerous ways, giving them all of the satisfaction and feel of actual human beings, why should anybody find this kind of gratification any less desirable?

If you find yourself with feelings of shame or guilt over purchasing or using a sex doll, then stop. It is entirely your choice. You can shop inside your own country, pick a non-sexual toy, or indulge yourself . Whatever you choose, the perfect selection of sex dolls may cause far more happiness and fulfillment than anything else you could get from shopping for sex robots.