Developing an e-commerce store

Making money online!!! During this pandemic condition, everyone has started searching for ways to earn money online. An ecommerce store is the most common choice everyone comes across. Existing businesses having any physical product is shifting their business online. Others dropship the product of some other seller or work as an affiliate. One might need a persistent online store or a dedicated e-commerce store for their business for all the above activities. While making an e-commerce store, one goes through the various steps and questions. So let us cover one by one the journey of developing an e-commerce store from scratch.

Selecting the product

It is the very first step. Everyone needs to decide on a niche in their store. What category of product will they sell? How many of it will they sell? From where will they get the product? Working on a particular niche is very important for a dedicated e-commerce store.


Choosing a domain name

After selecting a product, we go for a domain name for our store. While choosing a domain name, we must consider the following:-

  1. It should be easy to read.
  2. It must be easy to remember.
  3. It should reflect an image of your e-commerce store.
  4. It must be short and concise.


Selecting a web hosting

After choosing the domain name, we need to pick a hosting plan. The decision of a hosting plan depends on the following things:-

  1. It must be SSL certified. It will secure your store for payments and entering sensitive details.
  2. The storage of plan selected must be high( recommended for an e-commerce store)
  3. It must be backing up daily.
  4. It must provide multiple business emails.


Setting up the store

Now the next step is to set up your store. This step will include:-

  1. Setting up a dedicated theme for your store.
  2. Uploading the product and its description.
  3. Setting up payment gateways.
  4. Setting up various plug-ins essential for the store.
  5. Subscription form for customers.
  6. Review and FAQ.
  7. Add-ons and recommended products.


Forming a marketing plan

After setting up your store successfully, we need to formulate a marketing plan, but why need a marketing plan?

  1. Creating awareness
  2. To provide value to the customer.
  3. To increase sales.
  4. The customer gets aware of new offers and launches quickly.
  5. Increase the customer reach.
  6. Forming potential clients.



Now when everything is ready, and all the blocks are falling at their places. It is time to launch your store. Along with that, execute all the marketing strategies as formulated. You will see your campaign getting successful and the sales-driving to your store.



Setting up an ecommerce store is not a burdensome task but running it successfully is something back-breaking. It would be best if you were consistent with your store and your beliefs. Also, the product you choose needs an update with the trends. Also, the marketing strategies need to be tried and tried again before you find a perfect plan. So, you should keep trying new stuff with your store and always be consistent.